On 1 March the travelling art exhibition "Hamaika" begins in Bera in defense of the land
  • In this artistic exhibition, entitled "Eleven reasons to defend the territory", eleven illustrators of Euskal Herria have participated and testimonies of families and neighbors of Euskal Herria affected by wind macroprojects are collected. The exhibition, which was created at the initiative of the Etxalar Haizeak Bizirki group, will take place at the Bera House of Culture. Next, Joxian Jauregi (Transforming the Energy of Navarra), Mikel Etxarte (NEE) and Pablo Lorente (Fundación Subai) will offer a conference on renewable energy macro-projects.
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"We conceive art as an instrument of defense of the territory to respond to the criminal activity and administrative violence of the renewable industries that threaten the valleys of Bortziri and Malerreka with various wind macro-projects," said Haizeak Bizirik. The exposure approach is as follows: "It's the inventory of the infinite beauty that lives in this endless land. Let's draw everything. To keep us close, to keep us from being stolen. So we will understand that we cannot lose ourselves."

Full opening

A full programme has been organized by 1 March, starting at 18:00 at the Casa de Cultura de Bera. The exhibition Irantzu Piquero and José Giles will expose the eleven posters against the wind turbines, whose theme is: "birds that cross our territory." In addition, the works of eleven Basque illustrators will be shown: Ainara Azpiazu, Aitor Espie, Antonio Cantero, Elisabet Pérez, Higinia Garay, Iban Illarramendi, Kike Infame, Maite Mutuberria, Miren Asiain, Raisa Alava and Ruth Juan.

The sculptures by Jokin Arman and Iñaki Sánchez are also shown. You can also enjoy the music and poetry of Beñat Etxekolonea and Karmele Martin. The sample includes, in addition to creative works, eleven testimonies from the Basque Country.

Coinciding with the opening of the exhibition, Joxian Jauregi (Reniega salba fest - Transforming Energy in Navarra), Mikel Etxarte (New Winds Eguesibar-NEE) and Pablo Lorente (Subai Erakuntza) will offer a round table on Conflicts, Challenges, Perspectives, Triumphs.

Eleven fanzines will be presented, EH Bizirik will explain the national demonstration convened on 13 April in Azpeitia and will close the afternoon with a lunch.

Exhibition by these peoples

The exhibition will be available in several municipalities over the coming months: He will be in Bera in early March. On 16 March, he will move to Balmaseda from the Commissions and in April he will be in Azpeitia, coinciding with the national demonstration convened by the Basque network Herria Bizirik on 13 April.