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Fourth stream oil spill from the Ertzaintza Academy in Arkaute

  • The Zadorra Bizirik group warns of a new spill at the Ertzaintza training academy, the fourth since 2002. They report that this "neglect" has caused damage to Salburua wetlands.
Ertzaintzaren akademiatik 2018an egindako isurketak ibaian utzi zuen arrastoa.
Artikulu hau CC BY-SA 3.0 lizentziari esker ekarri dugu.

19 January 2024 - 10:49

The environmental platform Zadorra Bizirik has shown deep concern and revulsion at the recent discharge of gas oil from the Arkautiko Academy of the Ertzaintza. It was detected on 2 January and is the fourth such case in recent years, in which "repeated neglect" in the management of dangerous substances is highlighted. The environmental organization has told Hordago-El Salto that the repetition of what happened in the years 2002, 2017, 2018 is a consequence of the lack of response from the academy and the plan.

Once a gas oil spill into the Errekabarri river was found, urgent measures were taken to curb the expansion. These included hydrocarbon absorption barriers in the river bed. In any case, the large amount of diesel was trapped in the Academy’s sewage treatment plant, which forced its extraction by tankers.

The gravity of the situation was heightened on 7 January, with the appearance of gas oil accumulated by the rains, causing a pervasive smell and increased river pollution. "This has highlighted the ineffectiveness of current preventive measures and the need to implement more effective definitive solutions," said Zadorra Activa.

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