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LAB denounces that the Government of Navarra has delegated the management of public health research to a private foundation

  • LAB reports that at a press conference held in Pamplona, the Health Department of the Government of Navarra has delegated the management of public health research to the IdiSNA private foundation. They were aware of the agreement through an anonymous complaint sent to the union. IdiSNA has the private participation of Opus Dei.
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04 May 2023 - 08:10

LAB denounces that this political decision jeopardises the economic viability and promotion of public research by the Navarrabiomed - Miguel Servet Foundation in the biomedical sector of Navarra. LAB therefore calls on the Government of Navarra to withdraw its intentions for privatization and to commit itself to an exclusively public research institute and model.

Currently, clinical trials and research projects on drugs for human use in Navarra are carried out through a public body: the Navarrabiomed Foundation - Miguel Servet. LAB believes it cannot be otherwise. The only objective of these trial and research projects is the health of patients, the benefit of all citizens, as the only hope of some people lies in experimental treatments and in improving the knowledge and skills of public health.

However, the Department of Health of the Government of Navarra intends to break this public model. Its objective is that clinical trials, drug tests and support for research projects are not channeled through public institutions, but through a private foundation, through IdiSNA, which includes the University Clinic of Opus Dei.

The LAB union, without going into the evaluation of the supposed philanthropic interests of the University Clinic, believes that nobody can question that this institution has economic interests that condition the model and that it is unacceptable to get into this delicate issue that we are denouncing.

The Carlos III Institute of Health, accredited by the National Institute of Health Research, thinks like the LAB union. In fact, the accreditation of Navarra is currently in suspense, without being validated, by the integration of entities outside the public sector.

The Government of Navarra is aware that the Navarrabiomed - Miguel Servet Foundation is fully capable of being accredited as a public research institute. Thus, LAB denounces that there is a legally questionable plan to seek the rehabilitation of IdiSNA in the eyes of the Carlos III Health Institute.

In this regard, in the context of the elections to the Parliament of Navarre, the LAB trade union requires the political parties a firm commitment that the Navarrabiomed Foundation - Miguel Servet will continue to carry out its work in public research. Consequently, the Public Foundation should assume the exclusive management of IdiSNA to be a fully public research institute.

Furthermore, this union knows that workers have been pressured, are our legal services considering whether they can be considered harassment? For the public employees of the Miguel Servet Foundation to work and factualize on behalf of IdiSNA. If all the research is carried out from the public sphere, it cannot be configured otherwise through a private foundation. Another way of acting is wrong, both from an ethical and a labour point of view.

LAB knows they're in a hurry, they want that move to take place before June 2023. But this manoeuvre is absolutely unacceptable. LAB will do its utmost to curb this new step in the strategy of privatizing public health and to ensure that as sensitive as human drug testing has no other purpose than to improve the health of all.

If the Department of Health performs its purposes, the Navarrabiomed - Miguel Servet Foundation will be seriously damaged and will question its feasibility and, therefore, the public research in the biomedical sector of Navarra.

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