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Conservative and right-hand rise in Greek elections

  • The conservative New Democracy party has reached an absolute majority. The tip of the right rises, led by Espartar, and Alexis Tsipras confesses Syriza's "obvious defeat." Abstention was 47.18%.
Mitsotakisen mitina

Kyriakos Mitsotakis of New Democracy has won the elections in Greece. He obtained the absolute majority that repeated the elections and did not win for the first time, with 40.55% of Vota. 158 out of 300 seats.

Syriza, led by Alexis Tsipras, gets 17.83% of the votes. Tsipras explained that “failure is obvious” and talked about the implementation of a “reconstruction process”.

The Socialist Party PASOK is third with 11.86% of the votes. It is followed by the Communist Party of Greece (7.69%) and the far right (4.64%). The abstention rate was 47.18%, with 39% in the last elections in May.

The extreme right of the Spartans was created following the ban of the Egunsenti Urrekarra party by the High Court of Justice of Greece. In addition, Ilias Kasidiaris, leader of the Far Dawn in prison, has requested the Spartans to vote in favour. In total, the far-right parties (Greek Solution, Niki and Spartarras) have grown in Parliament. They obtained 13% of the votes, with 34 seats.

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