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Sculptor Koldobika Jauregi dies at 64

  • Cultivated in diverse artistic disciplines, both in the Basque Country and internationally, her son, a native of Alkiza, died this Sunday with a heart attack. He was one of the founders of the Ur-Mara museum, also participated in the creation of the Thoreau space and worked in the film Dantza, among others. It is also his own steel and iron tree that was inaugurated in Baiona to represent the disarmament of ETA in 2018, the truth of the Tree.

17 June 2024 - 10:30
Last updated: 15:17
Zarata mediatikoz beteriko garai nahasiotan, merkatu logiketatik urrun eta irakurleengandik gertu dagoen kazetaritza beharrezkoa dela uste baduzu, ARGIA bultzatzera animatu nahi zaitugu. Geroz eta gehiago gara, jarrai dezagun txikitik eragiten.

Many voices have highlighted in the networks that have died before time, nothing more to know about his death. The artist Koldobika Jauregi dies from a heart attack on Sunday at the age of 64. On Friday his last exhibition, in Soraluze, was opened at the Oreka art gallery. The same Palace was present in this video and news, according to Plaentxia, the publication of Soraluze. This medium of communication gathered the need and importance of the presence of such exposures in such small localities as Soraluze.

Born in Jauregi Alkiza in 1959, as a teenager, he starts his artistic creation in a self-taught way, especially the use of wood and stone. In order to strengthen his formation and career, in the mid-1980s he began to travel abroad to participate in artistic competitions, thus maintaining the marble in Italy.

He worked hand in hand with Eduardo Chillida for five years and, thanks to another scholarship granted by patronage Karl Henrich Muller, he made a four-year stay in the German city of Dusseldorf before the year 2000. Throughout his long career, Jauregi has held numerous exhibitions and received numerous awards, such as the only European selected in a competition convened in 2000 for the installation of 26 sculptures in a park in Tokyo.

Jauregi’s is the steel and iron tree that opened in Baiona to represent ETA’s disarmament in 2018, ‘The Truth of the Tree’.

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