Bayona will this weekend become a meeting point of alternatives and reflections to deal with the climate emergency
  • Live! ecological movement to know the alternatives that make up a "sustainable, supportive and independent" territory.
Jenofa Berhokoirigoin @Jenofa_B 2023ko urriaren 05a
Euskal Herria Burujabe topaketak antolatzen dabiltza hamarnaka laguntzaile. Argazkia: Bizi!

Concerts, conferences, exhibitors of associations, exhibitions, screenings, testimonies, artistic offers, debates, children's activities, etc. will be the 7th and 8th of October in the streets Baiona Ttipiko.El Pueblo Vasco Soberano is the name with which Bizi! has worked in the meetings and has been drawing the moment with two objectives: to disseminate the alternatives and reflections to face the climate emergency and to take steps towards a "sustainable, supportive and independent Basque Country".

Experts and experts from Euskal Herria and the French State come to the appointment and have created a meeting point to welcome thousands of people. Besides reflection, there will be a festive atmosphere, with a varied offer of concerts, joaldunak, txistularis, batukadas or others.

Six talks in Basque

Although most reflections will be held in French, six lectures will be held in Basque in full, two on Saturday and four on Sunday.

On Saturday (14:00-15:20) UPV teachers Elisa Sainz de Murieta and Aitor Urresti will talk about climate justice. Then (15:40-17:00) Independent Basque Country: sociologist Joseba Azkarraga and professor Mirene Begiristain, coordinator of Greenpeace of Hego Euskal Herria, will work under the motto Sovereign, sustainable and solidarity territories to face the challenges of this century.

On Sunday you will hear testimonies of collective alternatives from 10:00 to 11:20 from the hand of Mathilde Etxeleku, member of the housing group Habitat bizi!, Xanti Kiroga de Errigora and Iban Lizarralde, of the self-sharing cooperative Aupa. Next, between 11:40-13:00 hours, the conference "The protection of the multiple values of nature and languages" will be held by Xan Aire, Plazara, Euskalgintza, and the biodiversity researcher Unai Pascual and ecologist and Euskaltzale Itsaso Olaizola Azurmendi. The colloquium on ecofeminism will take place between 13:30 and 14:50 with the presence of the ecofeminists Mirene Begiristain and Aiala Elorrieta. Finally, there will be talk of cooperativism (15:10-16:30) to Beñat Irasuegi de Olatukoop, Agurtzane Allur de Biziola and Gorka Julio de Talaios, focusing the role of cooperatives on the challenge of building a sustainable and supportive world.

With the objective of ecological transition, Bizi was organizing the Alternatiba meetings! In 2013, and ten years later, he returned with the meetings "Euskal Herria Buruamendia".