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Junts says Puigdemont will be his candidate in the 12 May elections

  • On Wednesday, the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, announced the Catalan regional elections following the failure of the 2024 budgets he was going to draw with En Comú. Junts announces that his candidate will be Carles Puigdemont, who says “that’s what he wants.”
Argazkia: Generalitatea

14 March 2024 - 10:38

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés, of the ERC, was appointed in 2021, after a complicated agreement with the CUP and the Boards (among the three had 52% of the parliamentary votes). The CUP stopped supporting the government a year later and months later, in 2022, Junts. From there, ERC stayed only with its 33 seats – from 135 – to support the government, and sought the necessary support in En Comú and the PSC.

The last spark of electoral advancement has been the Hard Rock project, a macro-tourism project that is to be built in the municipalities of Vila-seca and Salou. In fact, ERC is opposed to this project, but in the agreements reached with the PSC for the approval of the 2023 budgets it opened the doors to continue the processing of the project. So Comú has already announced that, being so, it would not support more ERC, and it has complied with this year’s budgets.

If we look at the surveys, the competition between the PSC and the ERC will be great, but if Puigdemont finally has the possibility of being a candidate for Junts it could compete to win. However, in Catalan independence there is a very confused atmosphere and it will be necessary to see what influence it has on the elections.

In the Spanish general elections it was clear that there was a large condemnation vote against independence parties. We must therefore see the influence of this phenomenon now. However, another independence party will also compete, as former Generalitat councillor Clara Ponsatí and philosopher Jordi Graupera announce the creation of a new party.

In addition, it will have to be seen whether ANC ends up creating its own list. This Thursday concludes the consultation that is taking place these days among its partners, and the result will be announced on Saturday.

The electoral climate of the CAV and Catalonia has also had a first consequence in the Spanish Government. President Pedro Sánchez has announced that he will extend the budgets from 2023 to 2024, and that he will start preparing the budgets from 2025.

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