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Closures have been made in the institutes of the Region in favour of Gaza, although the Government of Navarra does not expressly authorize it.

  • On Tuesday night the students of ESO and Bachillerato made the closure against the genocide of Israel "normally" in several institutes of the Region of Pamplona, according to ARGIA. The Government of Navarre has tried to avoid these closures, since on Tuesday at noon it sent schools an emergency letter asking the directors not to authorize the closures, which are the competent ones, because "they are not educational, sporting, social or cultural acts".
Ikasleen esanetan, "bermatu behar da ikastetxeak izatea mobilizatzeko esparru legitimo bat".

In reference to a Foral Decree, the Department of Education of Navarra has reminded schools that only educational, sports and socio-cultural actions can be authorized, and the directors of the centres have been informed that they are responsible for any incidence or consequence of the authorization of the closures.

However, students have closed and several professors have participated. Ikama, the DMA or local student organizations have carried out the closures in seven or eight institutes of the County of Pamplona, carried out the closures normally and communicated to ARGIA the influx of public. The police have also appeared in some institutes and in the Biurdana Institute, for example, have been recording agents trying to identify the students, “but the police were out and the students inside have not.”

In Pamplona, many students have also participated in the silent march called by BDS.

The police have also appeared in some institutes and the officers have been recording to identify the students, "but the police have not succeeded outside and the students inside".

What impact will the Government’s letter have?

If it was a one-night closure or if it will be repeated more for the future, it is not of course, and from Ikama they say that they do not know the directors of the schools affected by the letter of the Government of Navarra if another closure is planned for the future. However, "since Israel does not intend to stop the genocide, it must be ensured that students can mobilize, that the school is a legitimate framework for mobilization".

The Department of Education, for its part, wanted to show its "total rejection" of these demonstrations and closures, arguing that the convoys have claimed that Israel must be faced until it has disappeared. "The suffering of the Palestinian people must be put to an end, the end of the war is a priority objective (…) and the right to life is not being respected in Gaza – says the Government of Navarra – but calling for the destruction of a whole country is an aberration that schools cannot accept."

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