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Cruel massacre of Israel in a Rafah refugee camp, at least 45 dead Palestinians

  • Israel has attacked early Monday and the United Nations refugee area of tents is on fire. Médecins Sans Frontières, NGOs, has declared that they have received dozens of deaths and injuries in Gaza and that there is no "safe place". Israel says it has killed two senior Sixteen officials in attack. The attack has been strongly rejected internationally.

27 May 2024 - 10:44
Last updated: 17:07

In Israel ' s bombing of northeastern Rafah camp in Gaza, thousands of Gazans have found refuge fleeing from other areas. The refugee area is managed by the UNRWA agency. The Guardian has received the UNRWA statement following the killing: “This cruel massacre by the Israeli occupying forces is a great challenge to all international resolutions.” The media has reported at least 40 deaths, the minimum figure being given in other media is 50 at the time of writing.

The NGO Doctors Without Borders has explained on social networks that they are “terrified” by this deadly fact that “demonstrates, once again, that there is no safe place”. The Gaza communication office has pointed out that it has been a “massacre.” The Israeli army has used “highly accurate ammunition” and used “intelligence based information” to attack. The Israeli army announces the assassination of the senior officials of Yassin Rabia and Khaled Nagar. He adds that he knows that the attack and subsequent fire have injured several civilians.

The attack follows the rocket launch by Sixteen against Tel Aviv. Mermaids have been heard in other cities in Tel Aviv and Israel. The Zionists’ air defence system has paralysed most of the shells, but at least one has been wounded, according to Israeli sources. The Zionist army continues to bomb Rafah after the resolution of the International Court of Justice.


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