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Public and secular education

As the pre-enrolment season has come to our schools every year. And as we are here every year to express our opinion.

Of course, our recommendation is the public school. We believe that the public school should be unique, democratic, free, universal and secular, because only then will we get the next generation educated on equal terms. The classrooms in our schools must be places of wisdom where freedom of conscience is guaranteed without imposing any dogma and coexistence between different is developed.

But all paradises have their snake and we must recognize that our public school is not exactly what we have described and it is not because of teachers, teachers, students and parents who eagerly try to carry out these ideas. No, it is the fault of Franco’s dictatorial regime. Franco and Concordato signed with the Catholic Church in 1953, which at least 70 years later forces us to offer religion. Religion is Catholic, as a result of the agreement with the Vatican, which must be presented on registration paper, but since 1992 it has been given way to others, as democratic and feminist as it is.

We recognize and defend the right of everyone to have their ideology and/or faith, but there are other places of proselytism and indoctrination (churches, mosques, temples). Furthermore, it must be borne in mind that children are people and not a part or property of their parents, who cannot impose their beliefs.

We have been in this struggle since 1975 and all we have achieved so far is that the Catholic religion is not mandatory for all students.

It must be borne in mind that not all religions are offered, but a few, and this makes this a privilege. We use the word privilege and not the right, as we have said many times, because if it really were a right, all children would have ideological classes chosen by their parents, and that is not the case. That this phrase is not misunderstood, our goal is to get those out there, not put them in any more. We want scientific and critical education for our young people to teach them to think for themselves and to develop their ideas, so that everyone has their own judgment and is able to defend themselves with arguments. On the contrary, the religions offered are based on: “I’m right and everyone else is wrong,” “don’t think on your own, our sages will do it for you,” “obey.” No, education, at least public, is not a place for them.

On the other hand, the decline in religious enrollment in recent years has often made the group’s unique “believers”, not the other way around.

Two other details: the first, that in the Catholic religion a student (in the others ten are needed) forms a group that affects the advancement of all progressives, since they cannot profit that time to deal with common issues, due to discrimination. The second, religious teachers need the bishop's approval for their work, but what they are paid for is government. Even though there are fewer and fewer students, they feel more about religious classes. The latest figure is 2021, with 115 million euros. PRESIDENT. — The debate is closed.

As I said, we consider that one of the objectives of public education is to teach coexistence, solidarity and respect among children, and that is difficult if we start to separate ourselves from Child Education by the idea/faith of their parents. In our schools, it is not permissible for anyone to be excluded by ethnicity, level of social problem, sex, sexual diversity or beliefs.

Many of you who have read this article have surely thought that our retolica is very well known to you, and no wonder, we have been in this struggle since 1975 and all we have achieved so far is that the Catholic religion is not mandatory for all students. In return and in the name of democracy, as has been said before, others have to be offered since 1992. There is a political party that since 1975 has sent us to eliminate the agreement in all election campaigns and that we will have a real state (and a public education) secular. At the moment he has not kept the word and we have little hope of what he is going to do, but we continue to fight and that is why we ask you in the name of equality, democracy and feminism: do not enroll your child in religion.

For a Basque and secular public school!

Arantza Lekuona, member of the Laikasuna collective

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