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September is fruit, joy and festival

  • "September May fall," the phrase says. It looks like this in the atmosphere, most of the years, but this year the warm glass has been imitating very well. In the previous months and in September there have also been some cold spots and some plants have given us a lesson.

16 October 2023 - 05:00

This arrival of the cold causes the plants to be alarmed and, despite what may happen, they advance the harvest so that the seed arrives at a time of real cold and then can have enough food to germinate and be well dressed. Let us not forget: plants do not bear the fruit for us to eat or to start pitching, but for seeds that believe the same as him to sustain his caste to spread. Many crops have come faster than ever: the calis (Cucurbita spp. ), apples (Malus domestica), grapes (Vitis vinifera), etc.

This cold has advanced autumn to plants and, like fruit, have advanced the other preparations for winter. The sheet is also added. Not so. Before they recover and collect the energy from the leaves, starting with the chlorophyll, and other pigments appear in that path; yes, you will have noticed that the colors of the landscape have changed, they are changing, and as the sun sticks less and less, even more. “Fall is the second spring, because every leaf becomes a flower,” said Albert Camus.

After this fall, that kind of second May has come and I have seen two very important signs of that spring. On the one hand, many fruit trees have opened a new tiki flowering; at least in our house, apples, cherry (Prunus avium), membrillos (Cydonia oblonga) and perales (Pyrus comunnis). The second sign has been more spectacular: the dungeons that, with the blazing summers, almost completely disguised the hostage and made it difficult and hardened the skin of the fruits (Cucurbita spp.) They've revived. With immense force the leaves have been renewed and have begun to open and open flowers as the greatest hope of a new summer. The beekeeper of the house, Matthew, told me the same thing the other day: in his garden also the dungeons are living this time with the same pride, as if the world war were not; the only thing, the only thing important, as if it were that spring of yours.

The climate and the environment each plant lives in its own way and are only a sample of those mentioned; others have not felt that way this September and have adapted in their own way. Like us, each with his skin; the side with zamarra and I in shorts. Because for me: “September is fruit, joy and celebration.”

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