Chronicle of a fire announced
Loren Loidi 2024ko otsailaren 21a

As neighbours of 15th Fermin Calbeton in San Sebastian, we wish to manifest our discomfort and weakness in the face of the fire of our house, which is the chronicle of a fire announced.

In the Old Town we pay a lot of fees: noise, resulting from the mass tourism, dirt, gentrification and fear of the neighborhood's neighbors. Where will the next fire be? Are we sure?

The data is terrifying, four fires in the last year and sixteen if we do it further back since 2009. That's no coincidence, here the risk is in the house, the neighborhood is a powder keg.

The data are terrifying, four fires in the last year and sixteen since 2009. That is no coincidence, here we have the risk at home, the Old Part of San Sebastian is a powder keg

On the one hand, we want to remember that fire fighters have been fighting for the safety of all of us for years and for the lack of resources. The City Hall of San Sebastian is still ignoring. How long? We've seen that the fire brigades are holding up protest cartels on the trucks as they're engaged in extinguishing the fire in our house. Thank you very much!

It is noteworthy that EH Bildu presented at the plenary session of 25 January a motion for the City to carry out inspections in the bars in relation to another fire that occurred a month earlier on August 31, and that the Municipal Government, the PNV and the PSE, voted against saying that the aforementioned fires are frequent, that is, that what is happening here does not deserve special attention.

What do you fear? Why cannot these inspection tasks be carried out?

Is it not enough with the city council to address this issue with the seriousness that deserves to be addressed? Our neighbours believe this and although in the fire in our house we have all gone well, what happens if the City Hall acts responsibly?

Finally, in the presence of the Mayor, we hope that he will have the courage to take the necessary measures, otherwise we will understand that an outbreak is taking place.

Loren Loidi, family and friends