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Floral drinks Intsusa

  • Ready to drink? This summer portal is suitable for beverage distillation to prevent further hot drying. Maintaining humidity is important to keep the body in its best condition and there is nothing to say with the flesh that has been created at home.
Intsusa beltzaren lorea. Argazkia: Jakoba Errekondo.

06 May 2024 - 06:00

The elk (Sambucus nigra) blooms and if you don't know the most beautiful perfume your flower displays, stop looking at the screen and boot the sauco bivalve. The raid is the work of May, in which you will find a balance of bees, sticks, flies, butterflies and fans of their nectar. You will find yourself with a full spring. Now the elk is shiny, with the flat sets of white flowers, chorimbos, extended to the sky. And smell, ummm! Indelicate.

If we want to collect this soft, fine odor, the best thing is to drink. They're also made up of reams, jams, etc., but the loss of aroma is almost total. The flower should concentrate on sunny days, better if it is dry; if it is wet, it weakens the perfume and wrinkles easily.

Garbiñe Larrea proposes in his wonderful book “Intsusa lore xanpaina” what their medicinal plants know. A simple recipe with a refined and appetizing result. I will not repeat it here, please take the book to write more…

Intsusa macerated wine is not bad either. Macerate a liter of dry white wine between six and eight elderberry flowers. Remove flowers a couple of days, squeeze, filter wine by a thin fabric and place the desired bottle or container, add 150 g of sugar and, if desired, 20 cl of pure or drained drinking alcohol, shake well and leave it at home temperature for about 15 days. Open carefully and enjoy the spark.

You can heat the wine and add as sauco other ingredients, such as flowers, leaves and seeds of plants close to the flower, as well as some sugar. Heat wine, remove heat before boiling, leave for half a day, filter well and bottle. The next day you'll have a good verut.

You can also make a lighter and easier drink. Boil a liter of water and add eight to ten elderberry flowers, add the skin and juice of a lemon, cover with a cloth and leave one day, strain, heat without boiling and mix 125 g of honey. When bottled, they cover and cool to the refrigerator.

The drink is fine, but now when you go home the flowers are added to the salad, to anything of the salsa, the elderflower will not let you down. Altza and intsuseta (ra)!

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