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Argia Auditiva Award: We didn't come from Paris

  • We did not come from Paris where the podcast received the Argia de los audiovisuales.El podcast Prize has been awarded for its work in defending the rights of artists working in Euskera, as well as for its effort in dissemination in this field. Amagoia Gurrutxaga and Harkaitz Cano have received the award on behalf of Lanartea, the Association of Basque Professionals.
Amagoia Gurrutxaga eta Harkaitz Cano. Dani Blanco / ARGIA CC BY-SA

26 January 2024 - 14:29
Last updated: 20:45

ARGIA justifies the award of the podcast prize in:

"There are many creatures living in a habitat delimited by capitalism, where the logic of the market leads the creator to fade in the branches of misery. But the option of rising misery is made.

The Basque speakers take the floor. They do not refer to the work of art, but to the work of art, to the profession and to working conditions. Precariousness. They say they're stuck in the claws of bureaucracy.

They're artists and they've also been artists in podcast production. They tell us their everyday knots.

And they have reminded us with mime that not all artists come from Paris."

We did not come from Paris to receive the prize for their work in defence of the rights of artists working in Euskera in favour of the professionals of the Basque Country.

Amagoia Gurrutxaga has welcomed the ARGIA award for being "a reference in Basque journalism". No Gatoz Paris recalled with the podcast the goal of Lanartea: "Our concerns about working conditions and culture are a sweet and beautiful way to get back into journalism."

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