Internet Argia Award:
  •, the graphic archive of the Donostiarra neighborhood of Egia received the Argia Prize on the internet. The award has been granted for making the testimony of the citizen memory available to all, and Arkaitz Artola, Juanpe Urrosolo and Fernando Olalde have received the memory of Antton Mendizabal.
ARGIA @argia 2024ko urtarrilaren 26a
Juanpe Urrosolo, Arkaitz Artola eta Fernando Olalde.

ARGIA has awarded the photographic archive for the following reasons:

"In the elaboration of historical memory, it is common for one part of the facts and of society to prevail. That is also the case in Donostia: Belle Epoque, aristocrats enjoying the city... but today's winners have not told the history of the rich but of the Donostian workers and have made the citizens protagonists of the historical memory.

The drivers of this project are active agents of a working-class neighborhood. In 2019 they decided to collect, elaborate, organize and make available all the old photographs and graphic material of the neighborhood. And since then, they're doing that work and they've collected hundreds and hundreds of photographs on the web -- the landscape of the neighborhood, the parties, the mobilizations, the major events, the riots, the repression, the history of the ikastola -- a beautiful piece that will never fade away. And they publish everything with free licenses."


The Argia Award 2024 has been received by the Graphic Archive of Egia and Arkaitz Artola, Juanpe Urrosolo and Fernando Olalde have come to the Atxega Palace to collect the prize. We were told by Arkaitz Artola, project member: "Knowing the history of the neighborhood helps to advance."