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Moon, finger and craca

30 January 2024 - 09:02

The old head says that when the finger points to the moon, the sleeping finger hears the finger. But, more cautious, we should add that the gunman who wants to hide the moon without being anything silly will want to worry about the craquette that would be underneath the fingertip. And it will often come out with him, because that's how we humans are.

For example, the fact that individuals working these days for UNRWA (United Nations Agency for Assistance to Palestinian Refugees) supported Hamas ' s actions on 7 October has led to an international scandal. On the other hand, the first resolution on the genocial complaint lodged by South Africa at the Hague Tribunal has arrived. Certainly, you have to be a little silly to believe that it is a coincidence that the two occur at once. Although in a mother it is something that has not been taken into account by those on Wikipedia who create and endow a section as special as important on the subject. But the timing and, above all, the quality of the orchestra is a clear example of who is listening to the score.

The first resolution of the Hague Tribunal, which states that the genocial complaint against Israel is sufficient to be considered as an object of study, seems to have been of little interest to many because it did not require a high level of fire. Does anyone believe that Israel would have respected him if he had asked for it? Not knowing what the game was about, you couldn't think. But the Hague game has been played in the “story field”, is being played and will continue to be played. And in this respect, the solution has been the torpedo that has hit Israel on the flotation line. It's the real moon.

That is why the Western Sovereign has launched the “contingency plan” on UNRWA: for public opinion inside the house, first of all, let us look not only at the finger, but at the crack, so that we do not ask ourselves. And by turning money into weapons, to start the economic war against Palestinian people and institutions. Because, together with the Israeli Kinetic War, this (and, above all, the collateral damage) is stretching and spreading excessively. At the point of Jo, of course, there is not Hamas, but all the Palestinian people and their pointless organizations. From the point of view of the genocial complaint at issue in The Hague, complicity is something that has no other way of understanding. Totally deliberate.

If we remember the close (sometimes very close) history of all these countries (yes, all) who have expressed their intention to suspend aid to UNRWA, we should not be surprised. In addition.

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