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The deaths are already 41,000 thousand and the criticism is made of the UN and the Turkish Government.

  • The head of the UN acknowledges that he has "failed" the inhabitants of northwestern Syria because they have not sent humanitarian aid. In Turkey, 113 people have been arrested in buildings built without compliance.

13 February 2023 - 09:53
Last updated: 2023-02-15 09:13:05

41,000 deaths and 85,000 injuries recorded at least in Turkey, Syria and Kurdistan, according to the latest data provided by the Government of Turkey and the World Health Organization. They expect the death toll to continue to rise. Eight people have been rescued in Turkey in the last few hours, after six days under the waste. They say that there can still be 150,000 people among the buildings shot down.

The rescue team Casco Blanco denounces that in northwestern Syria they have not received assistance from the United Nations. Martin Griffith, UN humanitarian leader, confesses that the organization "has failed the people of northwestern Syria."

Construction companies and government in focus

Earthquakes have demolished over 6,000 buildings in Turkey and the Office of the Prosecutor has launched a special unit to investigate construction negligence. 113 arrest warrants, according to Turkey's Vice-President Fuat Oktay. Among other things, they accuse him of not building columns to gain space in the dwellings. The School of Architects has denounced the death of so many citizens for the failure to comply with the building regulations and for the Government's ignorance of homes built without a license. Efe Emin Koramaz, president of the Union of Architects and Engineers of Turkey, explained that in the 20 years he has been in the Erdogan Government there have been eight major legalizations of "dangerous, corrupt and illegal" buildings.



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