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Bizi launches campaign to introduce cycling roads into urban planning

  • Article L228-2 of the French Environment Code provides that any renewal of urban roads must include the management of bicycle use. The environmental organization Bizi invites the citizens to identify the County Councils that do not meet this obligation.
Bizi-ren ekintza bat, bizikletentzako bideen alde Bizi

29 February 2024 - 15:45

Bizi has launched a new campaign to introduce cycling roads into urban planning because, although the law obliges them to do so, the Town Councils do not go in that direction. "If Article L228-2 of the Environmental Code established on 30 December 1996 had been applied, then the territory would be full of cycling and therefore cycling facilities," the environmental organization regrets. The Act states that any renewal of urban roads must include the management of bicycle use.

Thus, it calls on citizens to identify works in which the law is breached: "Help us to respect the law and promote more sustainable mobility, reporting on organisational projects that are not appropriate! ".

In each case, Bizi has in the past fought for cycling itineraries. For example, with regard to the works of Avenida Brindos de Anglet, in 2022 he filed an administrative appeal with the Administrative Tribunal of Pau.



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