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The education community calls to protest Palestinian children and adolescents

  • A dozen schools and institutes in Vitoria-Gasteiz released the statement last week and another twenty schools in Bilbao, both public and Ikastolas, joined this Monday. The unions ELA, LAB and Steilas are also involved. They start collecting signatures.

29 April 2024 - 09:48
Last updated: 14:38

"The brutal offensive against children surprises us and scares us," said representatives of twenty schools in Bilbao at this morning's public manifesto. They say that the massacre that Palestinian children and adolescents are suffering "hits them" and that they are "outraged". "We want to claim that these children in Gaza who are being killed every day are our children and that their parents are our brothers; their pain we feel in our hearts."

Israel has killed over 13,000 children in Gaza. "In the face of the systematic murder of children, we cannot look elsewhere; when we flee with their children, when we see how they are attacked by the snipers of the Israeli army, we make our own every mother killed, every child who falls next to them."

Last week, the children of Palestine are also ours, a dozen schools and institutes in Vitoria convened to demonstrate on 10 May. The educational community that appeared in Bilbao has called to join this demonstration in protest.

Collection of signatures

All associations of parents, schools, institutes and agents of the educational community of Euskal Herria have been called to sign the manifesto and for this they have been called to participate in the mobilization of May 10.



San Martín




Toki Eder



Father Orbiso



López de Gereñu

Zabalgana Institute

Mendebaldea Institute




Harro Platform of the Basque Public School


Atxuri School

IPI Pagasarribide

Iruarteta School

Cervantes School

Zurbaran School

Uribarri School AMPA Pantxike

Urretxindorra Ikastola

Ikastola Abusu

Ikastola Intxixu

Basurto School

Luis Briñas

Macum Escuela Múgica

Arangoiti School

San Ignacio School

Galician Red School

Ikastola Karmelo

Tiboli School

IES Solokoetxe

Gabriel Aresti


Miribilla School



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