The summit of the World Bank also the mobilizations
  • In the morning they have concentrated under the motto Your business, our collapse, and the Protestants have cut off the road. On Wednesday there will be a demonstration in Bilbao at 19:30 from Elíptica Square. No to the World Bank! demonstration platform on Tuesday at 18:30 from Barakaldo Square.
Irati Irazusta Jauregi 2023ko maiatzaren 23a

World Bank (WB) summit in Barakaldo’s BEC begins and mobilizations against it. Early in the morning they focused on the entrance to the fair, under the motto Your business, our collapse. The Charter of Social Rights of the Basque Country, the Planto a Capital of the Basque Country and the Ecosocial Jump have convened together with many social and union groups.

From 23 to 25 May, the Innovate4Climate conference will bring together authorities from different countries around the world, as well as investment fund leaders and private technology companies. There will be talk of investment needs and possibilities to address the climate crisis.

In the morning rally they denounce that the WB wants to "green" its responsibility to impoverishment and climate emergency, since since its foundation it has financed the sprinkling of several countries. Four furgons from the Ertzaintza have approached mobilisation and the Protestants have cut off the road. These trade union and social groups have also called for the demonstration on 24 May, at 19:30, from the Plaza Elíptica in Bilbao.

Financial oligarchy in the spotlight

Following the MB summit, to the World Bank no! The platform was presented on 5 May. On Tuesday afternoon they will be mobilising against the conference under the motto Fight against capitalism and the destruction of the environment. Departure at 18:30 from Plaza de Barakaldo. The platform denounces that the climate emergency is "only an opportunity to open new markets and businesses" for the financial oligarchy, so the solution will not come from the "supposed" sustainable policies led by it.