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Sixteen places Palestine in the centre

08 December 2023 - 09:56
Last updated: 2023-12-11 15:02:55

Although the major States of the world and the most powerful media that control them want us to hide, Sixteen, through their attack, has managed to relocate the issue of Palestine, which was being corrupted and at risk of extinction, at the heart of the international political agenda. And it would not have been possible to achieve that central political objective without Israel’s violent and disproportionate response in Gaza. Because did anyone think that the Hamas attack was not going to be answered by an ultra-right Zionist like Netanyahu? But did anyone think it would be so wild?

The Zionist Netanyahu falls into the trap that Sixteen put on him with the excessive genocidal response that he gave in Gaza. Because with this response, in addition to not winning the war against Hamas, Netanyahu has lost the political struggle against Palestine in the face of Palestine, in the face of the Middle East and in the face of the whole world, despite the fact that the main governments and the most powerful media want to express the opposite every day. Furthermore, Israel kills journalists who dare to say otherwise. Dozens of people have died in Gaza and Palestine while they were doing their job.

And yet the supporters of Israel have not achieved their goal. The issue of Palestine has risen more than ever. Above and beyond this multinational media policy wall of the international authorities, there is nothing more to do with the Palestinian popular response that has been created and strengthened in every corner of the planet, the activation of Palestinian society. Because the conflict is not between Hamas and Israel, but between Palestine and Israel. And the world will not forget what Israel is doing.

The Zionist Government of Israel EE.UU. Even the European Union has made every effort to conceal, temper or deny this Palestinian political victory. Netanyahu has received political, military and economic support and has launched a whole campaign of manipulation of international public opinion through the media. But this massive social manipulation has become clearer than ever before to the world and to the detriment of manipulators.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to support Israel’s political position in the world. Netanyahu will lose politically everything he can gain militarily in the future, even though the Palestinians will have to pay on their own.

It is increasingly difficult today to preserve Israel ' s political position in the world. Netanyahu will lose politically everything he can gain militarily in the future, even though the Palestinians will have to pay on their own. Because Israel is going to say that it wants peace, but peace in Israel and freedom in Palestine are not the same for the Palestinians as for the world. They're not synonyms.

75 years ago, at the time of decolonization around the world, the Western powers, far from delegating Palestine to the Palestinians, left it to the Zionists. Since then, Israel has maintained during these 75 years the colonization and occupation of Palestine until the future of both states has become impossible. Millions of Palestinians were expelled from their lands and have since introduced 800,000 settlers into their hundreds of settlements against international law and resolutions of international institutions. And now what? Now the problem is the attack by Hamas… The devastating policy of apartheid over the long years has not been a problem, nor of colonization. They say the problem is terrorism, of course. And is there any more terrorist practice than Israel’s policy in Gaza? Palestinian resistance is the result of the struggle for national liberation and Israel’s attack on the colonialist occupation.

The clear objective of Netanyahu’s policy in Gaza, in addition to destroying Gaza itself, is not to end Hamas, but the Palestinian people and their future. Netanyahu said clearly, Hamas and the Palestinian National Power are the same for him.

Israel’s aim is to destroy for ever the enthusiasm, firmness and resistance of the Palestinians to fight, to frighten the Palestinians forever, to turn Palestine into a community with no future. And also definitively close the solution of both states. If Netanyahu manages to eliminate the resistance of Palestine, Palestine will become the only state, that of Israel, and within it will have a minority Palestinian secondary community, as happens in the United States with the countries of origin, at best.

And finally, another hidden objective of Israel is to prevent the rapprochement between Arab States and the United States, much more economically and geopolitically interesting than Israel itself, because in this new scenario Israel would lose political and strategic weight. Israel is important because of the clash between Arab peoples and EE.UU, and in no case wants to lose that status in the Middle East recomposition to be given in the new international order being built in the world.

In the meantime, it is up to us all to promote initiatives in favour of Palestine, policies, trade unions, economic, sports and personal, among others, by promoting BDS campaigns, as we did in the apartheid era in South Africa, all together and collaborating. Free Palestine!

Joseba Alvarez, member of the Left Abertzale

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