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Sunday Lurzaindia celebrates ten years in Senpe

  • The structure of the Northern Basque Country, which works for popular cultivation and against speculation, was completed in 2013 and since then there are 35 farmers in production in the lands of Lurzaindia.
Lurrak laborantzarentzat atxikitzearen alde dabil lanean Lurzaindia, 2013az geroztik. Argazkia: Enbata

23 August 2023 - 11:06
Last updated: 13:33

They will have to celebrate 27 August in Senpe: Struggles and triumphs brought by the Lurzaindia foundation for ten years in the front line, in a festive atmosphere. This structure was created in 2013 by four structures in defense of the primary sector: ELB Unions, Federations Arrapitz, Chambers of Agriculture of the Basque Country and Amap Associations. The objective is the collective acquisition of land and its destination to farmers. Until then, GFAM Earth was in that struggle, and in 2013 it took the witness.

Noteworthy is what has been done for ten years: They have protected 486 hectares of land by installing 35 farmers, thanks to almost 3,700 shareholders. It is also an interesting anti-speculation tool because it manages to review and cancel some sales. In fact, it has eliminated 75 speculative sales since 2013.

Senpere, symbolic site

On June 27, Lurzaindia, along with the collective ELB and Ostia, started the occupation of some houses and lands of Senpere to denounce its speculative sale. However, on 2 August it was known that the sale took place, buying by 1.3 million euros the property and land owned by the company Maison Adam de San Juan de Luz. At the moment, the occupation continues to denounce its speculation and continue to advocate the defence of these farmland.

The food will take place in the Plaza de Ibarrón in Senpere, cooked by chef Antoine Chepy, upon registration.

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