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Hala Bedi website is back on track

  • After suffering a cyberattack at the beginning of the course and working for several weeks on the web recovery, Hala Bedi Irratia page returns. Regular content has already begun to be published: Current news from Álava, magazines, podcasts from radio programs, agenda, opinion articles and videos.

20 November 2023 - 12:34
Last updated: 22:24
Argazkia: Hala Bedi

Thus, the Bedi radio website was cyberattacked at the beginning of the course. The recovery of the website has been prolonged due to major breakdowns and difficulties.

They give the news with a desire to return to normal and say they will return to normal practice: “We publish news related to the Algerian popular movement and social and political issues, as well as opinion articles, reports and interviews. There we make available to the public magazines and radio programs such as podcast or audio”.

Members consider the Web as an “important support” for radio and warn that journalism is an “indispensable resource” for local work.

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