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They present a network to combat Truth, racism and police abuse

  • In the Donostiarra neighborhood of Egia, in recent months, there has been increased concern for security between neighbors and neighbors and the need to “recognize the importance of fear and nervousness and give rise to these feelings”.

27 February 2024 - 07:30

On Friday, the new collective Egia Auzotar Sarea was presented at Plaza Blas de Otero de Egia de Donostia.

“The number of people living on the street, having access to decent housing, or living in precarious conditions has increased in recent years,” stress the need to ensure their security and well-being.

“Despite the growing police presence on our streets, we believe that the Safe Truth will come from the hand of the collective surveillance network and the strengthening of coexistence. Racist police controls are carried out at all times and continuous persecution and explorations are carried out for phenotypic causes,” they reported. In Plaza Blas de Otero it has been pointed out that the police presence is especially noteworthy. On Sunday, in just one and a half hours of the presentation, three Ertzaintza and Municipal Police patrols remained in the square.


They are invited to participate in the group. A meeting will be held at the Teja Factory on 28 February at 19:00. Although some dates are not yet confirmed, they will be organised for the coming months:

  • March 5, cineforrum:On Documentary Street at the Teja Factory.
  • Course of Rumors: practical course for the development of stereotype review strategies, rupture of rumors and reaction to different situations.
  • Days of knowledge and development of Community safety models. Based on the experience of Manresa, they want to open a debate among the neighbors about the model.
  • Workshop with TXAGO members: “Citizen Security: Popular strategies to combat police harassment”
  • Colloquium between the Jakinoki project in the Chantrea district of Pamplona and the Street Solidary Dinners.

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