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They accept the deletion of the word “handicapped” from the Spanish Constitution

  • The text, guaranteed by all but Vox, must pass through the Senate before it enters into force.

19 January 2024 - 12:16

Spanish nationalism has often described the Constitution as "intangible" or the modification of its text as "a very long process". On Thursday, Congress approved the reform of the Constitution 49.artikuluaren to delete the word “handicapped” from the text and qualify it as “disabled person”. Adopted by a large majority, with 312 votes in favour and 32 against. Vox was the only point expressed by the opposition and rejected the proposal.

Now the procedure passes to the Senate and if there are no last-minute contingencies they accept it. Therefore, by ratifying the amendment by the Upper House, the third amendment of the Constitution will enter into force since its adoption in 1978. It is the third amendment adopted in 45 years and the first “social reform”.

The constitutional reform will be in line with the proposal put forward by the PSOE and the PP, which have annulled the amendments tabled by the PNV and the Basque Nationalist Party. In fact, they used the procedure to make a broader modification on certain issues.

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