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Green Capital overrides construction of two wind turbines in Karakate

  • Capital Energy, the parent of Green Capital, recently presented the environmental reports of the wind power plants of Trekutz (Antzuola-Urretxu) and Buruzaiko (Azkoitia-Azpeitia-Zumarraga), "where we already had explicit news of the decision for the first time. Then we were able to confirm this through the company's sources," said Karakate Bizirik on 22 December. You remember that this is the second time you have managed to stop a project of this kind, because in 2002 you also faced it. "The response as a people has been fundamental to the company's decision," they stress. They thanked "the citizens and associations that helped us in one way or another, as well as the municipalities of Soraluze, Elgoibar and Bergara for their work in supporting Karakate in this process, and the Aranzadi Society for making known and protecting the historical heritage of the mountains".

27 December 2023 - 08:32

The Karakate Bizirik platform received "satisfaction" the second time it rejected the project, but warned that "victory is not final: the threat is still there".

Your full reading is as follows:

"We've done it! As in 2002, we succeeded in stopping the Karakate wind power plant project. The company Green Capital has abandoned its idea of installing a giant wind turbine around Akillar and Otsoaldasoro. For the time being, Karakate will be protected from the destruction that this project would entail. We have no doubt that the response we have given as a people has been fundamental for the company to decide.

The company itself, Capital Energy, the parent of Green Capital, has recently submitted the environmental reports of the wind power plants of Trekutz (Antzuola-Urretxu) and Buruzaiko (Azkoitia-Azpeitia-Zumarraga), where we already had explicit knowledge of the decision for the first time. It was subsequently confirmed through the company's sources.

However, despite the satisfaction of having rejected the project for the second time, the victory is not definitive: the threat is still present.

On the one hand, because the Renewable Energy Sector Territorial Plan (PTS), currently being approved, does not guarantee the full protection of our favourite mountain line and leaves open the door to the presentation of new projects in the future. Indeed, the public, Karakate Activa and the municipalities have not accepted the allegations presented to this Sectoral Territorial Plan for the protection of the entire Karakate area, so the biodiversity and cultural heritage of our mountain will continue to threaten this total protection in some way. In view of this, we reiterate the need for the entire Karakate area to be declared an emergency zone.

On the other hand, despite the fact that the Karakate project has been halted, projects for the construction of windmills of 200 metres high in the summits of many mountains continue. In the PTS there are also frequent mountain areas which are indicated as possible sites for their construction, including the Arno environment and Mount Andutz in Itziar. The emergence of new projects in the region itself should therefore not be ruled out. They are all for the benefit of private companies, the energy lobby and the interests of capital.

We are certainly in favour of renewable energies, but not at any price, but following other models. We feel the need to protect our mountains, to preserve our natural environment, and we will remain firmly committed to this endeavour. We cannot promote infinite growth in a finite world, and that is the fundamental contradiction of the capitalist system. We consider it essential to continue to know and analyze other models, alternatives, proposals… and our intention is to continue to socialize and feed the reflection on the energy issue.

Finally, from the Karakate Bizirik platform we want to value this victory, although we know that it is not the overall solution to this complex problem, we believe that we have at least set a milestone. Since it could not be otherwise, we would like to thank the citizens and associations that have joined us in this path and that in one way or another have helped us, as well as the municipalities of Soraluze, Elgoibar and Bergara, for their work in supporting Karakate in this process, and the Aranzadi Society for making known and protecting the historical heritage of the mountains.

We will celebrate this achievement by breathing and reflecting peacefully for a while. We are facing great challenges and we are convinced that we will be back on track.

Karakate Bizirik! Free Mountains!"

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