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End the indefinite strike of Vitoria bus service workers

  • On Sunday night the workers of HABISA voted whether or not they accept the offer of the Municipal Holidays. The majority voted not to accept the offer and to maintain the strike, but, as explained by the chairman of the works council, “when the percentage needed to continue the strike is not reached, the strike has won”.

19 February 2024 - 06:29
Larunbatean manifestazioa egin zuten TUVISAko langileek Gasteizen. Argazkia: Hala Bedi

113 people voted in favour of accepting the offer, while 152 did not and are still on strike, as Vitoria-Gasteiz has published. However, the “percentage needed to continue the strike” has not been reached by the supporters of the strike, who have not determined the percentage, so the works committee has reported that, since Monday, the SAA service will be restored “normally”.

Positive, but not entirely

“The Strike Committee has welcomed the agreement with the company on almost all points except on the subject of the signing.” Workers demanded improvements in their working conditions and in public service. They denounce, among other things, the shortage of buses and "obsolescence", which although the time needed to complete some journeys has been prolonged, there have been no changes in the ratios or not all the hours actually worked in the computation of the day have been counted. This last point is the only one that the Works Committee has negatively assessed: “It has been closed in false fichaje, but in the rest of the points a lot of progress has been made.”

Fighting months

HABISA workers have been fighting for months, have made various strikes and mobilizations, and with the support of 100% of the workers who were on indefinite strike since last Monday. The last mobilization took place on the same Saturday, in a call that brought together hundreds of villages. The HABISA works council thanks the Vitorians for their support.

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