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20 May 2024 - 08:28
Argazkia: Marked, CC0 1.0.

They meet in a working-class neighborhood in Vitoria, in a renovated bar. In front of it is a concerted religious school, next to the district public school. Not far from there is the park of Salburua, so it is possible, if we look at the sky, to see some stork. Not far away, there are also three civic centers, two of them with beautiful pools. It's a normal morning. Women have had coffee with milk, or a decaffeinated coffee, or a lactose-free temperate milk, coffee with milk in the forest, or some other.

Women are known since birth because they went together to breastfeeding meetings. Ten years have passed without meeting and in those ten years motherhood has been destroyed. This also happens in the paradises of social democracy.

Two out of six have recently been diagnosed with sclerosis. When they saw bends, this was the first alarm. One of them, after a traumatic couple rupture, was observed symptoms. After separation, she is also having problems with the former partner, but that will already be the case and it will have to be done. The other has also been diagnosed with his best friend. This is by chance. However, your friend does not care so much about sclerosis, but about digestive problems. He told them he can hardly eat anything.

Ten years have passed without meeting and in those ten years motherhood has been destroyed. This also happens in the paradises of social democracy.

In this meeting there is another woman with similar symptoms. He sees it folded, but the diagnosis says it's not sclerosis but just stress. Now it's much quieter. She has had to leave her job, though she likes it very much. Because of her illness, and since her partner has a position of great political responsibility, since very recently at home, from now on in practice she must function as a mother of mono-parents.

The fourth woman does not sleep well since she became pregnant. Years have passed and the problem has become chronic: officially it is insomnia. Take pills and move on. Now the doctor tells you that for your kind of insomnia other kind of pills will come out and that you will be much better.

The other two have said nothing, and they're actually in good health. This does not mean that sometimes they do not sleep badly or sometimes they do not feel like crying, perhaps more often than they want. The truth is, you haven't commented on it, but anxiety becomes hypochondria to realize it. And he perfectly remembers how he once ended up crying in the medical office, because he was afraid, he was afraid. But he did not talk about that at that meeting.

All the women who have gathered there have no obvious material problems and the future has no bad image. In principle, the place where they live is comfortable and pleasant and yet they are not well.

In the 21st century, our bodies are literally battlefields, and we're not winning.

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