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ESK denounces the "demolition" of the emergency service of the Hospital Santiago de Vitoria-Gasteiz by the reduction in staff

  • He denounces the elimination of eight nurses and two nursing auxiliaries from the service. He stresses that these emergencies are attended by particularly vulnerable citizens and calls on the authorities to “stop treating people as mere numbers”.

30 January 2024 - 15:56
Last updated: 2024-01-31 14:34:07
2022ko langileen mobilizazioa, Santiago ospitaleko larrialdi zerbitzua ixtearen aurka. Argazkia: Hala Bedi

The Nursing Directorate of OSI Araba has decided the cuts, as reported by the ESK union, arguing the need for “restructuring” the staff as a result of the decrease in patients. But the union believes that the “unilateral” decision continues to “knock down” the emergency service.

The CSR emphasizes that many citizens who are in a particularly vulnerable situation approach the emergencies of the Hospital Santiago: "Most are elderly, multi-pathological patients who need great care to stabilize them." Remember that in this sense, in this hospital is the psychiatric emergency service, which often demands more health professionals than usual. In addition, it expects that emergency restrictions will “significantly” increase the number of CAC patients in Olaguibel Street, which is already “saturated”.

Restrictions on restrictions

Two years have passed since OSI Araba decided to focus emergency care at the Txagorritxu hospital, which meant the "de facto closure of Santiago's urgencies", according to the CSR. Against this decision, the Public Health Platform Aurrera gathered hundreds of citizens in a human chain and in a few days it added more than 7,000 signatures. The union calls on those responsible to stop “seeing people as mere numbers” and to do public health management under “trade” criteria.

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