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The schools of Salburua in Vitoria want their own cooking, but the government does not give way to them.

  • The schools Arantzabela, Errekabarri and Salburua want their own kitchen to supply the dining rooms of the neighborhood schools, but they have denounced that they remain unanswered by the administration: "We perceive signs of irresponsibility and abandonment."
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05 December 2023 - 09:47

In order to carry out the food that will be provided in the schools of the Salburua district of Vitoria, the educational communities of the neighborhood have requested the kitchen and it is up to the Basque Government to process the project, but both administrations (the City Council of Vitoria and the Government itself) have criticized that they have not responded to the demand and that they live the situation with concern. They call on both administrations "to address the issue and to be at the level that the situation requires".

The project has reached a broad consensus in the neighborhood by the management of the centers, cloisters, higher representation bodies and families. The Su Cocina platform highlights that more than 75% of the families have participated in the questionnaire and that 99.7% of the respondents favor their own kitchen.

17 centres asked for their own kitchen this year

As the latest news shows, more and more schools are dissatisfied with the management and service of multinationals and catering. Also those who are taking or want to take steps to change the dining model. In 2023, seventeen CAV schools and institutes have asked the Department of Education to build a kitchen in the center itself.

Once again, Afera has revealed a reality: The Department of Education has not advanced for centres that want to operate outside catering companies to do so. In 2019, the parties agreed in the Basque Parliament to set in motion two important points: on the one hand, that the centres that wish to do so have their own kitchen; on the other hand, that the centres decide whether they want to continue functioning by catering or whether they want to use their own kitchen and set up another model. The regulation of this other model was left to the Department of Education, but today schools remain the same, they can only work with catering companies. And in some centers that have officially requested that the kitchen be installed in the same center, things are slow.

As the latest news shows, more and more schools are dissatisfied with the management and service of multinationals and catering

Why a kitchen?

Salburua’s platform states in its manifesto that “the traditional industrial dining model has hit roof and is down. The food transported is of very low quality and is not sustainable or healthy. We see a healthy and sustainable quality diet very important.” In addition, “we would end with the transported catering food and the dark economic interests inherent in it, satisfying the fundamental right to the consumption of a nearby, fresh and quality product, with a significant economic impact on the neighborhood and its surroundings, with a significant increase in the products of zero kilometers and local trade, and with the possibility of free allocation of surpluses to vulnerable neighboring families”.

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