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Will the elections to the Basque Parliament be held on 21 April?

  • EH candidate Bildu, Pello Otxandiano, has said the date: 21 April. In that case, Urkullu should dissolve Parliament on 27 February.

17 January 2024 - 13:30
Last updated: 15:47

Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu has not yet announced when elections to the Basque Parliament are to be held, but he has already expressed his views in the opposition. The candidate for the presidency of EH Bildu, Pello Otxandiano, in the Faktoria program of the Basque Country Irratia, has assumed that they will be in April and has dared to give the date: "The exact date isn't known, but it's probably April 21." Having said that, you addressed Urkullu asking for clarification of the day. "There is no other reason not to know the date already," he adds.

The candidate for the presidency of the PNV, Imanol Pradales, will be presented by the nationalists on 27 January, so it is possible that around that date the election date will be announced.

However, the dissolution of Parliament may take longer. For the elections to be held on 21 April, Urkullu should publish the decree on 27 February, because according to the regulations they have to spend 54 days. Instead, suppose you publish the decree after Pradales, which would be on March 24.

You can make sense of what Otxandiano said, on the one hand because Urkullu himself has often spoken of April, and on the other, because the calendar has its limitations: the first Sunday in April is Easter Week and the last Sunday is St.
Prudencio's day in Vitoria. If the elections were on 14 April, the campaign would start in the middle of Holy Week; on 21, the Easter Week was just finished.

Outstanding projects

EBB President Andoni Ortuzar said yesterday that there are two or three months to go before the elections. To end the "good" legislature, the PNV would like to pass four bills.

Moreover, the agreement between the PNV and the PSOE also includes transfers of competences, including migration. It would be important for the Spanish Government to take these steps to continue to reach agreements with the PNV in the future.

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