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The Basque Government invokes the State Housing Act

  • He filed the appeal in July 2023 and after six months of talks with the Government of Spain, they have not reached an agreement, and the Basque Government has stated that “they have forced recourse”. The Government has argued the violation of powers.

26 February 2024 - 11:33
Last updated: 13:31
Stop Kaleratzeak plataformaren ustez, aitzakia baino ez da Jaurlaritzak "eskumen inbasioa" argudiatu izana Espainiako Estatuko Etxebizitza Legearen aurka egiteko. Argazkian, plataformaren protesta bat, 2019an, Donostian, Santander bankuaren aurrean. (Argazkia: Irutxuloko Hitza/ Irati Salsamendi)

The Basque Government has appealed unconstitutionality against the State Housing Law and has urged the Constitutional Court to repeal seven articles and four provisions.

The Government has called for “recognition of Basque competences and non-use of the Basque Government to make its housing policies”. The government has requested the prioritization of the Basque Housing Law 2015.

The appeal was supported by the PNV and not by the three members of the PSE-EE members of the governing council. One of them is the Housing Advisor, Iñaki Arriola. The new Spanish Housing Law was approved in April 2023 with the votes of the two members of the Spanish Government (PSOE and Sumar), ERC and EH Bildu. The PNV voted no, claiming “invasion of competences”.

The Stop Etxegabetzeak platform, in terms of government recourse, said that using the “invasion of competences” as an argument is an excuse because state law aims to regulate housing prices and will affect the large owners. The Spanish State law of 2023 allows, among other things, the declaration of several towns and areas of high urban tension.

In December 2023 reported on the study carried out by the Basque Housing Observatory on housing rental and high-tension areas. According to the report, 41 of the 251 municipalities of the CAPV can request the declaration of areas in tension, in some cases for the whole population or city and in others for districts.

Review of EH Bildu has received statements from EH Bildu. Oihana Etxebarrieta explains that “he has been surprised” by the decision taken in the pre-election campaign, and points out that this is a resource “put by one pillar of government to the other pillar”, the PSE to which the PNV belongs. He also points out that it is a “resource to society”.

Etxebarrieta asks: “We were told that they could not develop the Basque Law without the legal protection of state law, and now they are talking about ‘competing invasion’. What are we in?” EH Bildu supports the Basque Housing Law and that of the Spanish State. And the PNV neither.


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