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Herri Urrats organizes a mockup competition for groups singing in Basque

  • The feast of the ikastolas of Iparralde wants to “open up opportunities” to Basque composers. The registration deadline is 3 January and the winner will be announced in February. The prize will be May 12 live at Herri Urrats.

13 December 2023 - 11:39
Last updated: 13:30

To open the doors to the new Basque musical groups, Herri Urrats, the Iparralde ikastolas festival, has organised a mock-up competition. The winner will live on May 12 in Senpe, in the edition under the slogan Ortzadar. Its objective will be to raise funds for the construction of the ikastola of Beskoitz.

The organization says that every year many groups contact Herri Urrats to play at the party. In view of the number of proposals and the impossibility of them all entering the same day, they have seen the holding of the competition as a solution. However, they stress that the main objective is to “open up opportunities” to new Basque composers.

The deadline for registration in the mockup contest began on 3 December and will end on 3 January. Groups singing in Basque will be able to present one, two or three songs and the winner will be announced in early February. The prize will be played in Herri Urrats. The work will be sent via Wetransfer to and attached a document with the name, origin and contact of the group.

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