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Visit the Basque Ministry on 3 May at the Baltsan de Ziburu

  • The writer Gotzon Barandiaran Arteaga and the musician Rafa Rueda will offer a musical talk entitled Hitzen Ahairea. They will study 15 songs and play live, and along the way they will reflect on the question, what have we Basques sung to?

03 May 2023 - 07:45

Ziburu's IV Book and Album is approaching. Fair, as usual, on the first Saturday of June, this year 3. The Basque Country is one day in the Plaza de Ziburu, and cultural enthusiasts from different parts of the Basque Country enjoy all the news in Basque. The Baltsan and ARGIA association organised a musical talk entitled Hitzen Ahairera, which will take place on Wednesday 3 May at 18:30 in the Baltsan society of Ziburu.

A trip through the Basque song

The writer Gotzon Barandiaran Arteaga and the musician Rafa Rueda will analyze what we Basques have sung: How have our writers and musicians Euskal Herria sung? What influence do songs have on the imaginary of Basques? What's the difference between what we're shown in history books and what the songs created between writers and musicians tell? What was the social function of the song in the 20th century? And today?

To answer all these questions, the texts used by some singers and musical groups and the relations between singers and poets will be discussed. In total about 15 songs Barandiarán will explain and Rueda will perform the acoustic guitar live.

Entry to 5 euros and post-session.

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