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Meeting of Gaztetxe and Gazte Asanbladas de Euskal Herria, 19 October in Leitza

  • The conferences organized by the Assembly of young people and gaztetxe, which intend to build self-management spaces "open, assemblages and horizontal", aim to influence a framework that is currently atomized and polarized.  
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24 June 2024 - 09:26
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After several months of reflection, debate and relationship, various gaztetxe and asanblada gazte of Euskal Herria have decided to organize the Meetings of Gaztetxe and Gazte Asanbladas. They will take place on 19 October in Leitza.

“With these meetings we want to bring together the members of the different peoples and reflect on self-management, power relations, occupation, political communication or forms of struggle, among other things, and we propose a meeting point where to share situations, challenges, obstacles or local projects,” they explain in their appearance in Leitza. The meetings will include training sessions, round tables and practical workshops.

In the process of organizing these meetings, dozens of young people have participated “openly, assemblies and horizontally”, thus understanding the character of the youth assemblies. “The Gaztetxe and the Gazte Asanbladas are spaces of different individuals (or we think they should be), that is, in which various individuals from different strategic perspectives, political lines or organizations participate. In this way, we understand that Gaztetxe and Gazte Asanblada are spaces for the organization of all young people who conform to the ideological and organizational model of each one of them, fight for different local problems and create collective alternatives, collectivize knowledge, work critical opinion and delve into ideological formation, promote a new leisure model or start to build a new world of solidarity, collaboration and self-management.” The process of organizing meetings is open and they would like to count on the participation of as many people as possible, so anyone who has an interest or will to participate in the organizational process “will find the doors open”, they say.

Atomization, situation of the youth centers of the Basque Country

At this point, it is considered that Gaztetxe and Gazte Asanblada have been immersed in a process of atomization and/or polarization. “In order to respond to this situation, we have also organised these national meetings. In the meantime, the constant offensive against cheesemakers and youth assemblies continues, with more force than ever before and updating the different types of repression. Incidentally, we wish to denounce the attacks on the Gaztetxeak and the police, legal and economic persecution of members of the youth assemblies, while calling for a solidarity response to repression.”





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Judge orders the eviction of Zestoa's gaztetxe
The members of the Zestoa Youth Assembly have ordered their eviction and have been condemned to pay the costs of the process. They call to mobilize in defense of the Gaztetxe on Sunday, February 4, from Zestoa Square.  

Two young men judge Wednesday by the occupation of Zestoa gaztetxe
The Elizondo building in Zestoa was occupied by the Gazte Asanblada as a new gaztetxe. The building is owned by the Church and the bishopric is running a procedure against the Gaztetxe. Protests have been imposed in recent weeks, such as Sunday in the church of Zestoa. Zestoa... [+]

2024-01-23 | Gedar
In solidarity with the Youth of Zestoa, they continue to point to the Church
The Church maintains a judicial proceeding against the Gaztetxe de Zestoa, to be held this Wednesday. Last Friday a rally in favor of the Gaztetxe took place in the cathedral of the Good Shepherd of San Sebastian.

Report theft at Zarautz gaztetxe
They have brought valuable material and tools for concerts.

2023-09-12 |
The Ez dago Hilda festival will be held on October 28 in Berriozar with the goal of a venue for the "self-managed scene"
The organization of the festival Ez Dago Hilda explains that the objective of this festival is to obtain money to achieve a space of essay that needs the self-managed scene of the Region of Pamplona. This third edition will be held on 28 October in the Ilargi Park of Berriozar.

2023-08-03 | Gedar
The Church takes back the eviction procedure of the Gaztetxe de Zestoa
The Zestoa Youth Assembly reports that the bishopric of Gipuzkoa has restarted a judicial eviction procedure for the Gaztetxe, ignoring the calls to negotiate. In February this year the Elizondo building was destroyed by members of the Gazte Asanblada.

2023-06-23 | Ilargi Manzanares
The member of Hazparn’s gaztetxe is fined over 6,000 euros
The member of the gaztetxe Ttatola is found guilty in the Baiona court. On Thursday 22, he moves to Hazparne Square to denounce the trial.

2023-06-02 | Ilargi Manzanares
They will claim an organizational space in the Gaztetxe Eguna de Durango
In 2022, the gaztetxe of Durango (Bizkaia) was demolished. Lost that self-managed space, since then they have sought another space for youth organization. The events on 16 June will stress the need for the Gaztetxe.

2023-06-01 | Gedar
Resumed emptying procedure of Gaztetxe Kiñu de Igorre
The building, owned by Sabadell, began three years ago with threats of expulsion. Space faded almost ten years ago.

2023-05-30 | Gedar
The Church requires the members of the Gazte Asanblada to leave the Gaztetxe of Zestoa before the end of the month
If they do not leave the new gaztetxe, the bishopric of Gipuzkoa says that "he will keep the judicial path and denounce". The Church-owned building was restored in February by the Zestoa Youth Assembly.

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The new Zestoa Gaztetxe is supported by a mobilization
Last Saturday, as part of a solidarity programme, a demonstration was held in Zestoa to support the new restored Gaztetxe. The Gaztetxe continues to threaten Huste, but the members of the Gazte Asanblada claim that "they will not give Zestoa to give her the Gaztetxe she deserves."... [+]

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Huste is in danger in the new Gaztetxe of Zestoa
Last week the Young Assembly of Zestoa carried out the removal of a premises from the centre to ensure the transfer of the Gaztetxe and its transformation into Gaztetxe. The church has already intervened: the bishopric has filed a complaint and the new Gaztetxe de Zestoa risks... [+]

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Recognition and memory, also from fiction
The Oñati Antixena Gaztetxe Center has reached ten years in 2022 and on the occasion of its anniversary, members of the assembly have made a non-profit audiovisual. The idea they had to document the past has finally been projected as fiction. And fiction, without going too far,... [+]

Laudio, Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz organize solidarity festivals in favor of the Gaztetxe de Laudio
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