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Harro organizes demonstrations against the CAV Preliminary Draft Education Act on the Basque Public School

  • As has already been denounced at the beginning of the course, Harro Topagunea pointed out that the Draft Education Act does not strengthen the Basque public school, but weakens it. They consider that it perpetuates the dual public-private system, does not prioritize the public school, puts the centers in the logic of the market, does not guarantee the Euskaldunization of children, does not overcome segregation and does not favor secularism.

01 June 2023 - 11:19
Last updated: 17:02
Euskal Eskola Publikoaz Harro Topaguneak Donostiako Koldo Mitxelena Kulturgunean egindako prentsaurrekoa. Argazkia: Euskal Eskola Publikoaz Harro Topagunea

The Harro meeting of the Basque Public School expressed at a press conference its disagreement with the Preliminary Draft Law on Education and called to participate in the demonstrations organized on 9 June in Bilbao, Donostia and Gasteiz. Instead of consolidating the Basque public school, it weakens it and raises the lack of social agreement that the law has.

The refusal to draft the law has been expressed by the agents that make up the Topagunea. First, they say that through a newly conceived Basque Public Education Service "will perpetuate the dual private public system". Apparently, this structure has no legal basis and is totally non-existent in Europe, and equips the private and public fabric, even if its objectives and conditions are completely different.

By guaranteeing the concerted centres the future and funding for a long period, they denounce that it does not prioritise public schools. On the contrary, the organizers of the demonstrations underline the "lack of strategic planning" to extend the Basque public school to all neighborhoods and towns.

In addition, they consider that it takes steps to get into the logic of the market because it "promotes an unbridled race of competitiveness among all centers". They indicate that competition, since not all the centres are in the same conditions, will be detrimental to the public.

For Harro on the Basque Public School, the Education Bill should be based on Euskaldunization, the elimination of segregation and secularism, but they have denounced that the educational law does not "respond poorly" them. They say that there is a lack of concreteness to promote Euskaldunization and favor secularization and that to cope with segregation does not go to the root of the problem.

Where will the demonstrations come from?

The demonstrations will take place on June 9 at 18:00 horas.En Bilbao will depart from Plaza Elíptica, in Vitoria de la Plaza Nueva and in Donostia del Boulevard.

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