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82% of Europeans are concerned about poverty and social exclusion

  • The Eurobarometer has just given the results of the autumn survey. According to this, 46% of the population of the European Union considers that their standard of living has decreased as a result of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the rise in prices. 39% acknowledge having difficulties to "pay bills" at the end of the month.
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12 January 2023 - 09:56
Last updated: 11:38

The European Parliament carries out surveys twice a year via the Eurobarometer and makes the results of the autumn public. The questionnaire has left significant conclusions.

82% of the surveyed population is concerned about poverty and social exclusion. Another major concern is price increases: in some countries, such as Greece, Cyprus, Italy or Portugal, almost 100% of the population is concerned about this issue. Climate change and the war in Ukraine also generate much concern among the population (81%).

Can't make ends meet

The survey also reflects the inability of citizens. Thus, almost half of Europeans (46%) have noticed that their standard of living has decreased and another 39% believe that, although they do not notice it, they will notice it in 2023. On the other hand, the percentage of those reporting difficulties in "paying bills" at the end of the month has risen from 30% to 39%.

The majority of the population is very critical of the policies pursued by the European Union and the Member States to address this situation, only one third agrees with what has been done. However, in the case of the war in Ukraine, 74% of the EU supports the aid it is providing to Ukraine.

In general, however, the image of the European Union and the European Parliament has not passed the test: only 36% welcomes it. It should also be noted that the survey was conducted before the outbreak of corruption cases in Qatar, between 10 October and 7 November, and 26,431 people were questioned.

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