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Talk about the future

24 May 2023 - 13:04

I remember how, after "preu," between May-June, before a tremendously long summer, we were getting young, but those at home took me to my father's factory in a tit without time to get bored. There among dryers, I made the place of a long table, where I spent almost all summer ... I didn't get bored.

This principle brings to mind the situation of many young people around me, so I will come in.

Before much more than now, but from time to time there are still those who say that the writer is naked at the blank page, and it may be true. There is a certain vacuum, that is true and there are doubts about what needs to be done.

Once again, sincerely expel what is inside, expressing what is seen and heard, betting on what is believed, or treating creativity, fiction and metaphor.

Today I will focus on the young Basque, the main role of my work is yours. A young woman trying to normalize the leap from school to school questioning everything. He who intends to configure and develop his ideas. Who tries to understand the heartbeat of the world around him without intermediaries, without any manipulation.

This young woman is aware that the society in which she participates, the "blurry vision" and collaborator of political and religious institutions, despite her evident evidence, depends on the effects of a harsh and hostile confrontation, to which grandfather has so often referred, and that she has not yet properly metabolized the practical consequences.

He does not feel capable of properly measuring the consequences of the Republican and Abertzale idea advocated by the hundreds of thousands of Basques referred to by his grandfather being undervalued. But he knows that Franco and his Basque and non-Basque "collaborators" imposed fear and predation during the long Franco regime.

With the intention of knowing the truth to immerse oneself in the past, he sees that in the Basque political class, while some are opposed to the current "democratic bifurcation" of Franco, others – although it has already been more than eight decades – fade and accept the Madrid prepower.

He is very young, but the daily contradictions of the system have shown him that the "official reality" is invented by the winners and used as it is best for them.

This young university girl lives between two worlds that have different versions, objectives and interests but are obliged to live together rationally. In any case, in the search for the "intelligent" truth, its radicality recognizes the difficulty of developing its vital project with loyalty to the head, both with the majority society around it and with the current generation of the family.

He knows that those who created the current family nucleus were defeated and treated by the defeated, and that their descendants, in the name of peace and coexistence, have taken refuge in this regime, but not "without sticking their heads".

It's an option, another alternative, it would be more complicated to be one. A young college girl, while her grandfather bravely remembers the behavior of warriors, clearly sees how others just dream about the benefits of life.

The protagonist of the story, when reflecting, realizes that it is difficult to do it intelligently in favor of a cause that today sees quite "slow". It wants to know who it is, how it really is and where it is, and it doesn't want anyone to express it. He must find it alone, on his own.

He knows perfectly well that the reference is his grandfather. Remembering his grandfather's memory, he sees a man as straightforward as he is sympathetic. Immersed in generations forced to defend the house, the family, the people and the country, but defeated and frustrated.

This young college girl is certainly smart, but young, and sometimes dubious. Perhaps the fact that the training has been received in religious centers leads them to be somewhat contradictory and, as the owner of the brain that works as a sponge, is sometimes considered quite "permeable".

As far as training is concerned, it has never had problems reconciling studies with sport, which gives it some certainty that academic objectives can be achieved without too much effort.

There are other problems. It does not want to be a spectator of what others interpret. He decides to be the protagonist. It seeks to make efforts on those who continue to preach "democratic chastity" and adaptation to imposed reality for decades. His goal is to be placed on a plane of superiority, but he knows that, as his father says many times, if there is something, he must first learn, then work and finally, when the head is equipped, he must decide

A young college girl wants to get there, she doesn't give in. He doesn't want to be "practical" because he doesn't want to live without real criteria and dignity. It does not recognize "concerted dignity," it seeks truth, reality.

He is very young, but the daily contradictions of the system have shown him that the "official reality" is invented by the winners and used as it best suits them. Hence the consequences. Political, social and economic consequences. And these conclusions have been decisive, not only for determining the grandfather's past, but also for channelling the present and future of many generations of Basques.

They say that democracy is several years old, but the "winners" continue to govern and also democrats. The brand is then.

Young Euskaldun, sympathetic and intelligent, the best luck in his decisions, because the future of our people depends on you.

Josu Iraeta, writer

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