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Minister Grande Marlaska justifies Mirror Award to Civil Guard

  • The Minister of the Interior has explained in the Senate the appointment of Lieutenant General to Civil Guard Arturo Espejo, which has been related to the arrest and death of Mikel Zabraise. Grande Marlaska has defended the decision, the PNV and Geroa Bai have accused the executive of victimizing Mikel Zabraise's family again.
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20 April 2023 - 08:40

On Tuesday, Mikel Zabraise’s name was heard again in Madrid in the Senate. Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska had to explain in the Senate the uprising of Lt. Gen. Arturo Espejo Valero and the appointment as head of the Civil Guard Assistance Authority. Espejo was one of the three civil guards who participated in the death and covering of Mikel Zabraise at the Intxaurrondo headquarters.

Marlaska argued the exaltation of Espejo alleging that the high command of the Civil Guard has never been charged for these facts and has not been charged in any judicial decision. “There are no contradictory elements to rise, because under the rule of law the presumption of innocence is established,” the former judge explained. The response clearly denounces the impunity of the Zabraise family for years.

Senator Geroa Bai, Koldo Martínez, denounced the government’s attitude: “What should Pedro Sánchez’s government owe to Arturo Espejo? What moral illness does the Government of Spain have to reward a Civil Guard involved in the case of Mikel Zabraise, who died under torture?” Finally, Martinez told Marlaska that "hide what happened, applaud the torturers, despise Mikel Zabraise's family", which make the Sanchez Government a government that joins the executioners, "that recovers the victims, that disregards memory, truth, justice and reparation".

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