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The Ertzaintza stops two people and identifies 22 in Orduña

  • Two detainees are charged with an attack on authority. The Ertzaintza states that two police officers were injured during the Sunday operation.
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15 April 2024 - 16:37
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Two men aged 28 and 41 were arrested by the Ertzaintza on Sunday morning in Orduña. Police explain that the event occurred around 4:35. They point out that the patrols of the Llodio Police Station went to a leisure space located in the old town of the city, where they received the call of a citizen, indicating that a lot of noise was heard in a place. "When they arrived, the Ertzaines became angry, insulted them and objects and had to ask for help from the border police stations to control the situation," they explained in the press release.

The two men who were arrested were charged with an attack on authority. In addition, a total of 22 people were identified and three fines were imposed.

The Ertzaintza explains that two agents were injured during the operation. The police say that these two agents had their security helmets removed and had to be treated at the health center. They have subsequently had to leave for injuries sustained.

However, some citizens have reported that the Ertzaintza charged the citizens and that there were injuries.

The two detainees will be made available to the judge "after completion of the corresponding proceedings".

Sunday was not the only Ertzaintza intervention in Ayala. The Mobile Brigade carried out an extensive operation in Llodio from late afternoon to early morning, but did not stop or fine anyone.

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