Erkoreka questions that the Ertzaintza injured the young man of Villabona
  • Despite the footprints of the Foam launcher, Erkoreka rejected the use of foam launchers by the Ertzaintza at the Tolosa carnivals.
Olaia L. Garaialde 2024ko otsailaren 22a

Three young people have already reported that the Ertzaintza had injured in the carnivals of Tolosa (Gipuzkoa). Immediately after the controversy, Basque Government Security Advisor Josu Erkoreka said he was going to investigate the event “transparently”, but so far he has explained very little and, despite the appearance of the footprints of the foam launch, has not accepted the use of the Ertzaintza.

On Wednesday 21, according to the newspaper Naiz, only Erkorekal acknowledges that the young man from Villabona (Gipuzkoa) was hospitalized and has been intervened in the wounded eye: “The only relationship between the event and the Ertzaintza is that he went to help and helped go to the hospital.” He adds that three investigations have been initiated, one for each injured. Therefore, the research indicates whether the wounds are due to foam launchers.

Analyzing the street of the event

On February 20 the Ertzaintza made several measurements in the street where the young man of Villabona was herido.Para used a series of special devices and a drone, but Erkoreka has not given any explanation and it is not possible to know if the study is related to the investigation commissioned by Erkoreka, or if it is a procedure prescribed by the court of Tolosa.