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"The veil can disrupt residents," argues a nursing home in Pamplona to leave a cleaning worker unemployed

  • The workers have denounced racism, discrimination and Islamophobia and have concentrated on the Pamplona Labour Inspectorate, convened by SOS Racism and the LAB trade union. The inspection closes the complaint and accepts Misericordia's argument that it was not asked to remove the hijab for religious reasons, but that it "did not change to see the veil" to residents.
Iruñeko Lan Ikuskaritzak ere emakumea diskriminatu zuela salatu zuten. Argazkia:

27 February 2024 - 12:17

The cleaning worker has been denied two jobs in Pamplona for carrying the hijab, and he denounces that he has been given Islamic and discriminatory reasons. On February 14, they concentrated on denouncing it, convened by SOS Racism and LAB, in front of the Pamplona Labour Inspectorate.

SOS Racism de Navarra recounts the story of what the woman had suffered. At the request of the ONE Group, she goes to the concerted nursing home Casa de la Misericordia for a replacement. Once there, and after explaining the work to be done, another supposedly responsible person appeared, who was told he could not work with the veil. The woman had to leave the job without signing the contract.

“The elderly may be disturbed by seeing the veil”

The worker decided to denounce discrimination, but in Misericordia they told him they could “do nothing”, saying that “the rules are like this”. He then went to SOS Racism and the LAB syndicate and referred the case to the Labor Inspectorate. The inspection closes the lawsuit and concludes that the issue is “complex” because it has not been dismissed, because it was not yet under contract, and because of the scarce jurisprudence about it. The Labour Inspectorate says that the resolution would fall to the judicial bodies.

SOS Racism has strongly criticized the attitude of the Labour Inspectorate in recognizing, among other things, the reason for Mercy: “The demand for the removal of the scarf was not for religious reasons, but rather to not alter the tranquility of the elderly residents. For some of them it can be rare and strange that there is a person with veil or scarf in the residence, and they can be altered.” SOS Racism warns that this is a “terribly racist” and that Islamophobia is to associate identity symbols with negative stereotypes such as risk or insecurity. “It is very serious that a public institution has not decided after listening to this phrase to continue investigating and inviting the complainant to take legal action.” SOS Racism says that the Labour Inspectorate has also discriminated against women in favour of the company.

LAB stresses that there are many discriminations and oppressions that cross in these kinds of facts, because she is a migrant woman from Algeria: “It’s no coincidence that as a woman, migrant, Muslim and racist, they have to experience labor discrimination. Unfortunately, this is no exception.” The union recalls that the most precarious positions offered to them, “those who do not give enough to survive, those who make them live under a permanent threat.”

Also expelled from La Morea shopping centre

He was once again dismissed from his job at the La Morea Mall. After five months of “trouble-free” cleaning, they sent him a message indicating that he could not bring the hijab from now on, because the person in charge said so, he told He contacted SOS Racism and managed to return to his job, but was fired two weeks later, “for no reason.” Ms. indicates in that no one now calls you to work: “They turn me away directly when they see the resume, because I wear a scarf in the photo.”

Trade unions and associations have stressed that women’s fundamental right to express their religious freedom and identity, and that it is not above a company’s right to impose discriminatory prohibitions: “It is not up to us, society or institutions to discuss or judge the use of the handkerchief of Muslim women.”

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