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Seaska needs a "flood of solidarity" after the storm spoils Herri Urrats party

  • "The storm hangs our dream of celebrating Herri Urrats' 40th anniversary. This inability to celebrate the festival in all its grandeur has meant a loss of thousands of euros for Seaska, so we make a broad call to all Basque society."

15 May 2023 - 07:06
Ehunka lagun bildu da igandean Senpereko lakuaren inguruan, baina aurreikuspen ekonomikoak betetzerik ez da izan / Argazkia: @LabIkastolak

The organizers of the Iparralde Ikastolas festival have been hit hard on the weekend. They have held a "limited" Herri Urrats, but with the money raised it will not be possible to meet the expenses caused by the festival and the "great needs of Seaska". Therefore, they call "Seaska and the project that chooses to learn Basque in Iparralde".

They have opened up various avenues for economic input:

  • Accessing the web and purchasing the material.
  • Through Bizum (in Hego Euskal Herria only). Access the donation section by typing in the "HERRI URRATS" search engine and making the financial contribution.
  • By entering the following current accounts:

-Caisse d'épargne FR76 1333 5000 4008 9397 1116 819

-Laboral Kutxa ES87 3035 0059 8205 9073 1197

-Kutxabank ES98 2095 5045 8710 6117 7332

-Crédit Mutuel FR76 1027 8023 8500 0201 4340 107

  • Entering and using the PayPal system.

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