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Mass concentration in Azpeitia to report two sexual assaults on carnivals

  • A man is arrested as an alleged perpetrator of two sexual attacks. The events happened on Sunday.

13 February 2024 - 09:30
Jendetza bildu zen Azpeitian, indarkeria matxista salatzeko. (Argazkia: ARGIA CC BY SA)

At the invitation of the City Hall, hundreds of citizens met on Monday night in the Plaza de Azpeitia to denounce the two sexual assaults that occurred on Sunday. Aitziber Arzallus, from Uztarria, has gathered that the people of Azpeitia are not behind the banner of tolerance to male violence, so those present have shown their total rejection of male violence and it was Mayor Nagore Alkorta who went up the kiosk and spoke. In addition to showing support for victims, he says that such events have no place: "We have to clearly explain to the aggressors that together we will limit the capacity of this strategy to extend fear."

The sexual assaults mentioned have occurred in the framework of the Carnival festivities, on Sunday, Day of the Elegant of Azpeitia. On Monday at noon, reports of two sexual assaults were heard, one of them for rape of a woman. Once these cases of male violence were known, the City Council decided to suspend the holiday program. The program was ready until Tuesday.


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