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Baztan City Hall publishes the elderly residence of Elizondo

  • The Board of Trustees has agreed to terminate the contract with the private company that had been operating to date, in favour of the municipal public company Zaintza Lana, S.L. Works in the building and space reduction for residents as a result of these reforms.
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11 October 2023 - 11:54
Last updated: 15:25

The City Hall of the Noble Valley and the University of Baztan, by unanimous agreement of the Board of the residence, has decided to republish the residence of elders of Elizondo, Francisco Joaquín Iriarte.

Last July it approved the suspension of the contract with the private company that has so far led the management of the residence, and now advances this decision and transfers the responsibility of it to the municipal commercial company Zaintza Lana Baztan, S.L.

The Board of Trustees has adopted the agreement to publish the residence of elderly people because it considers that the interests of the private company IDEA are "incompatible" with those of the Board for the works of reform of it.

The residence of the elderly will increase from 155 places to 99 as a result of these reforms. "As legitimate, the IDEA is interested in receiving more residents in order to increase their profits," explains Baztan City Hall Mayor Fernando Anbustegi. On the contrary, the Board clarifies that it needs no more residents, as "in April 2024 the renovation works of the residence will begin".

In this sense, once a compensation has been agreed with the previous manager, the public company Zaintza Lana Baztan S.L. manage the centre from 1 November onwards. In addition, the Board of Directors of the Board of Trustees shall recruit the Manager responsible for daily activities.

The City Hall of the Noble Valley and the University of Baztan explained that the public company Zaintza will meet with the staff of the residence and the relatives of the residents to inform the whole process and solve their doubts.

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