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Suspension of the Justice Administration strike in the CAE following an agreement

  • ELA and LAB have reached an agreement with the Basque Government which, among other things, will equate salaries to the rest of the justice system. In Navarra the strike will continue.

25 May 2023 - 09:49
Last updated: 11:16
Apirilaren 17an hasi zituzten lanuzte mugagabeak Justizia Administrazioko langileek. (Argazkia: LAB)

ELA and LAB suspend the strike of the Justice Administration in the CAV following the offer of the Basque Government. The unions held the assemblies on Wednesday to transfer the proposal to the workers and have it aceptado.El agreement will affect 2,400 workers from Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

The agreement covers the main trade union demands. Firstly, it will equip staff salaries to the rest of the CAE General Administration, which will increase by 13%. By signing the agreement half of the wages will be increased and the rest by 1 January 2024. In addition, a salary increase will be granted to the staff of the courts for violence against women. The negotiation has not received the supplementary career award and agree that it will be negotiated later.

A month on strike

On 17 April, the indefinite three-hour stoppages of the Justice Administration began and a full-time strike took place on 19 April. This has led, among other things, to the suspension of many juicios.ELA and LAB reported that they had been trying to negotiate with the Basque Government for twelve years.

Regarding the agreement reached, ELA says that they have achieved this thanks to the collective’s support for the strike. LAB has also shown satisfaction with the achievement, but has pointed out that forensic medicine staff have not achieved "significant progress". CCOO, for its part, is critical of the government and denounces that they have reached an agreement without taking into account their strike commission.

No changes in Navarre

The Navarre justice workers will keep the strike. The call is at state level convened by the CCOO, STAJ, UGT and SCIF trade unions. In Navarra LAB and APAFNA have also joined the strike. They call for the paralysis of the Organic Law of Organization being processed in the Parliament of Navarre and the wage hike. According to the unions, the strike is being "broadly monitored".

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