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The PNV and the PSE approve the CAV budgets, without taking into account any opposition amendments

  • The representative of the PNV, Alaitz Zabala, said that the opposition did not trust its amendments.

22 December 2023 - 12:20
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CAV budgets are approved without taking account of opposition amendments. The PNV and the PSE-EE rejected all the proposals, although the opposition groups have tabled partial amendments in the parliamentary committee on Thursday.

Opposition parties express their disagreement. Representatives of EH Bildu and the PP have blamed the Government of Vitoria for lack of consensus, and the representative of Citizens, José Manuel Gil, has pointed out that the budgets are "continuous" and inadequate for the current challenges.

In the midst of the conflict, Alaitz Zabala, representative of the PNV, stressed that the opposition did not trust its amendments because it did not seek negotiations with the PNV and the PSE-EE. For his part, the representative of the PSE-EE, Ekain Rico, stressed that the opposition’s proposals had not presented an alternative programme.

As regards the distribution of the budget, the Departments of Health, Education and Labour and Employment will account for 2024 with about 65% of the total, i.e. some EUR 15,025 million. The Health Area will allocate 4,896 million euros, mainly to Osakidetza, almost 80%. Furthermore, EUR 3,672 million will be allocated to Education, with the increases planned for staff in public centres and for infrastructure investments, with growth of 5.4% and 31.3% respectively.

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