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Bernardo Arévalo, indigenous protector, assumes the position of president of Guatemala

  • The investiture act has been delayed for twelve hours because Congress has delayed some of the usual legal procedures and there have been some last-minute attempts to get Bernardo Arévalo out of power. Arévalo sends a message against “authoritarianism”.
Arevaloren aldeko aldarriak entzun dira kaleetan zehar, eta liskarrak egon dira manifestarien eta Poliziaren artean

16 January 2024 - 10:45
Last updated: 11:46

Uncertainty and tension increase in the hours before the inauguration of the newly elected Guatemalan president. With twelve hours of delay, Bernardo Arevalo de León took office this Monday as President of Guatemala among the accusations of attempted “coup d’état”. The oath of Members of Congress has been extended from five to twelve hours for litigation, and the Prosecutor’s Office and other judges and parliamentarians of the Legislature have tried to prevent, at any cost, their taking up office.

In an event held at the Cultural Center Miguel Ángel Asturias in Guatemala City, Arévalo has launched the claim of “never more authoritarianism” after an unequivocal encouraging transition: “The Guatemalan people have demonstrated their wisdom and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and the Constitutional Court have supported the sovereign desire of Guatemalans to live in democracy.” The new candidate president said so in his first speech.

Investiture incidents

There have been riots on the street between the supporters of Arévalo and the Police, who, in order to get closer to parliament, have broken the barriers imposed by the police and have responded at once and mourn with gas. In recent days, indigenous peoples have fought most for Arévalo and for “democracy” and the president has thanked them for the “struggle for democracy” of the indigenous people, as Berria has said.

International delegations have also denounced that several Members have tried to impede the change of power, as Arévalo could not take office as President unless the 160 Members of Congress were sworn in.



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