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United We Can Start a Law on Illegal Unemployment in the Congress of Deputies

  • The Spanish Government’s Minister for Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, has announced the implementation of a law to dismantle companies or organizations such as Desokupa.
Ione Belarra Alakanteko mitinean.

Ione Belarra, minister of Spain and secretary general of this political party, gave the news in a meeting that Podemos gave on Wednesday in Alicante of the Catalan countries. As a result, it notified:

“It has to be clearly stated that companies like Desokupa are a serious problem. They have grown up in a police command, and this political force will not allow hatred and porophobia to spread to many vulnerable people in this country. That’s why I’m telling you that tomorrow we’re going to launch a law in the Congress of Deputies to outlaw those who get rich by the persecution of the vulnerable.”

We can launch next week a bill in which I would like to pursue and legally dissolve the company leading Daniel Esteve, Desokupa, or the like. Moreover, the draft law provides for a four-year prison sentence for attacks on citizens acting.

Desokupa was created in 2016 and in Spain it is displacing citizens living in rent or housing occupation. Harassment of residents and the use of violence is very common. One of its characteristics is that all this is very clearly disseminated on social networks. They are also very frequent in their far-right meetings using Nazi and fascist songs or slogans.

Desokupa: tool to increase rent prices

However, Spanish right-wing and right-handed people bring these kinds of issues to Congress much more than the left. Eight bills, eight non-bills and two motions are the presence in figures of the phenomenon of occupation in this legislature in the Spanish Congress of Deputies. In all cases, except one, a non-legislative proposal submitted by the PSOE, the right and the right and the right have been the protagonists. To all this, we must add the fear transmitted by the media of the right regarding the occupation, which is essential for the subsequent intervention of Desokupa.

In the end, this whole movement is used to raise the price of rental apartments to the preferences of the owners, as clearly explained by the lawyer of the Union of Tenants of Madrid, Carlos Castillo, in this report. The aim is to establish legislation that allows owners to leave their homes quickly and without guarantees: “If we start to create the idea that the tenant is the person who stops paying the rent and that you have to leave immediately, tomorrow I can ask my tenant for an increase of 500 euros and if he does not accept it the jurisdiction will give me the opportunity to send me to the street and put the house for rent again or leave it empty waiting for a better economic cycle.”

In the corner with Daniel Esteve you can see the announcement of Belarra in Alicante and the response of the ordinance of Desokupa.


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