Judge ratifies De Miguel prison by not accepting his allegations
  • Alfredo de Miguel, convicted of corruption, has filed allegations to prevent prison, but the Provincial Court of Álava has not admitted them, claiming, among other reasons, that he was the leader of the plot and that there are no special reasons for not entering prison. De Miguel now has three days to appeal.
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De Migueli egotzi zaizkion delituetako batek bakarrik dagoeneko bi urte baino gehiagoko kartzela zigorra duela erantzun dio epaileak. Argazkia: EITB

The second former PNV leader in Álava was sentenced to 12 years and four months in prison, but will not exceed nine. De Miguel wanted to stop being imprisoned, but in a case that caused great social alarm, the judge answered that only one of the crimes that have been charged to him is now more than two years in prison, that he was the leader of the plot and that there are no special reasons not to be imprisoned. In addition, De Miguel has a partial pardon requested.

Former members of the PNV, Koldo Ochandiano, sentenced to seven years and six months in prison, and Aitor Tellereria, sentenced to five years, have argued health problems in order not to go to jail. They're waiting for medical tests.

The former Leioa PNV councillor, Iñaki San Juan, had been sentenced to four years and nine months in prison, but he has been recognized not to be in prison. It shall carry out work for the benefit of the community for 347 days or, where appropriate, fine of EUR 6,940.